School and PTA Fundraising

Santa writing his reply letter to a child

We know that Christmas is a truly magical time of year and also a great time for fundraising for schools. We are unlocking the key to Santa Letter Direct and allowing you to use it as a fundraising tool.

Having young families ourselves, we understand that fundraising is an important element for schools/PTAs.

Due to this we are happy to say that there are strictly:

  • No setup costs
  • No admin fees
  • No on-going costs
  • No expiry date on our Santa Stamps, meaning that any unsold stamps will roll over to the following year

We have two fantastic ways to make money and you can use any combination that works for you, we have the Santa Stamp and the Santa Link

Have a read below on all the different information, but if you have any questions then please do get in touch at and we will gladly help you.

The Santa Stamp

We would like to bring the Santa Stamp to your school as a fun and creative fundraising incentive.

Not only this, but it is a magical experience for children to write their letter to the North Pole and receive a fully personalised reply letter from Santa.

You have the opportunity to pre-purchase packs of stamps or we allow them to be purchased individually direct to the parent/guardian.

What does a parent receive with their Santa Stamp?

The Santa Stamp

Each and every Santa Stamp contains a sticky stamp that can be applied to the child's own letter to Santa.

Along with this, it contains a individually unique grown up code which can be redeemed online and allows the parent to personalise their reply letter from Santa for the child.

Santa Stamp

Personalised letter from Santa

Every reply letter Santa is personalised, printed, posted and then delivered direct to your child in a festive envelope with a north pole stamp.

Personalisation is very easy and all they need to do is choose the background design for your letter, then fill in your child's personalisation details including:

  • Best friends name
  • Their achievements
  • Age
  • Home town
  • The present they would like for Christmas
  • A reference to their parents or guardians
  • Whether they are a boy or a girl

Large range of Personalised Santa Letters with Text Message from Santa Claus

Nice List Certificate, Activity Pack and Text on Christmas morning

Along with the letter, your parents will also receive all of the following:

  • Personalised Official Nice List Certificate
  • Santa Stop Here Door Hanger
  • Festive Stickers
  • Christmas Decorations Cut Outs
  • Double Sided Festive Activity Sheet
    • Word Scramble, Dot-to-Dot, Colouring, Word Search
    • Spot the difference, maze, noughts and crosses
  • Text Message from Santa on Christmas Day

Plus, the child will also receive a personalised text message on Christmas Day morning direct from Santa Claus.

Activity Pack

How much are the Santa Stamps?

Pre-purchasing a pack of stamps is the most effective way of maximising the amount of fundraising you can make this Christmas. Every Santa Stamp purchased also includes a personalised Santa reply grown up code.

If you would like to sell the stamps (rather than handing them out as gifts) we recommend that you sell each one for £5, however the final price is up to you as no purchase pricing will be advertised on the personalisation screens. Just for reference, the full retail price of these letters and packs on our website is £10.99.

All Santa Stamp packs include free delivery to your school, so the price matrix below is the total cost per stamp pack.

We are also pleased to say that our Santa Stamps do not expire, which protects you from pre-purchasing and being at a loss if all of them don’t sell and something you can do year on year.

Stamp Quantity Cost per stamp Total Cost Saving
25 £2.50 £62.50
50 £2.40 £120.00 4%
75 £2.30 £172.50 8%
100 £2.20 £220.00 12%
200 £2.00 £400.00 20%

If you are not in a position to pre-purchase stamps, parents can continue to purchase Santa stamps via your Santa link which you will receive upon registration.

The Santa Link

Earn 25% commission via your unique Santa Link.

Along with The Santa Stamps, you will also be given a unique online website link, which allows you to advertise your school's fundraising page to the parents/guardians and followers of your school.

Your school will earn 25% commission on anything purchased via your link which will be tracked to your account.

This commission can be earned on any product on our site including Santa Stamps, Letters from Santa, Dear Santa letters, Videos, Personalised Books, Postcards & Birthday Cards.

To put that in context this looks like the following on full price items:

  • Letter from Santa: £10.99 - Commission: £2.75
  • Dear Santa, Letter To Santa: £7.99 - Commission: £2.00
  • Personalised Book: £34.99 - Commission: £8.75
  • Video from Santa: £9.99 - Commission: £2.50
  • Birthday Card: £3.99 - Commission: £1.00
  • Postcard: £3.99 - Commission: £1.00

This is ideal for pushing your fundraising on social media, email lists, groups that reaches beyond the school playground.

We also provide you with some imagery to help promote your Santa Link to all of your followers and supporters.